Omni has powerful automation capabilities that is very flexible.  Nearly any task can be automated via our Scripting Service that will run any request on any schedule.

The automation engine provides two basic functions:  Scheduled system maintenance and automated notifications.

Scheduled system maintenance performs regular maintenance routines

  • Inventory Snapshots
  • WIP Snapshots
  • Disabling users that have either expired or have been inactive for a set period of time.
  • Disabling Production Vendors that have expired (from your Approved Vendor List)

A short sampling of built in notifications:

  • Inactive Users
  • Expired Vendors
  • 30 Day / 15 Day warning on vendor expiration
  • Sales Orders or production jobs that have gone idle for a preset number of days
  • Purchase Orders that are past due

Examples of advanced notifications that can be created:

  • Notification an order by a specific customer
  • A specific user performs activity on a particular item
  • Standard Reports that are not run by a certain level of employees
  • Jobs where cost is over a certain percentage threshold.
  • Quality event occurs on a specific Customer or Vendor.